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With more than 20 years and over 15,000 deals negotiated, Auto Buyer's Pro has far greater leverage than individuals who haggle on their own. You'll get a better deal with a safe and streamlined process.

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Auto Buyer's Pro is dedicated to help you make an objective decision before you buy your next car. Doug's expertise and opinions have been tapped by the media including:
  • The Better Business Bureau
  • The Denver Business Journal
  • Tom Martino (KOA & KHOW)
  • Paula Woodward (9Wants To Know)
  • NBC, ABC, CBS, WB/CW and FOX Affiliates
  • Various Radio Talk Show Hosts
Why choose a Auto Buyer's Agent instead of a typical auto broker?

Most auto brokers are actually licensed dealers, who are free to make money from your deal in ways you may not realize. Click here to read what the Better Business Bureau says about the difference between auto buyer's agents, brokers, and dealers.

Don't go it alone against an experienced sales pro.
You need your own pro — Auto Buyer's Pro.

In 1986 Doug Ehrlich began working to protect vulnerable consumers and give them car purchasing power. State officials told Doug that he must first become a licensed car dealer before negotiating for the consumer. Doug refused and in 1987 he won the right not to become a dealer and to negotiate solely for consumers. Colorado statute established Auto Buyer's Agents as a distinct automotive consumer service, making Doug Ehrlich the first licensed and bonded Auto Buyer's Agent.

Over the past 20 years he has represented more than 15,000 consumers — getting them the best new and used cars at the best prices. Auto Buyer's Pro can do the same for you.

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