Licensed and Bonded to Represent You Since 1986.

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New Cars

Our clients typically purchase vehicles at commercial discounts normally unavailable to retail buyers who car shop on their own.

Used Cars

We specialize in finding the highest quality, lowest mileage vehicles that stays within a client's budget.


We help clients obtain the highest cash value for their vehicles, and don't allow dealers to manipulate things by using inflated sale prices.

Pro-Consumer Assistance, Having Served Over 25,000 Consumers Since 1986

A Buyer's Agent is not the same as a broker, a buying service, a leasing company, or any other kind of car dealer. We will provide you with what you need to successfully find the right car at the best price without any broker/buying service/middle man markup.

Our small flat fee is a fraction of the amount of middleman profit that brokers, buying services, and other dealers add to the price of the vehicle that they sell you. We also do our best to help you buy your car and have the most positive experience. We help you make you best informed decisions about different vehicles you're considering, reliability concerns, and any other factors that will help you make the most informed decision.