Doug was extremely knowledgeable about everything cars, dealerships and legalities. I was amazed at how he handled all the details of find, buying and shipping a car to us.

Doug is professional and timely in his communication. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone needing to find a great car at a good price.

Jeremiah Zaretsky, Chicago, IL

This is our first time in many vehicle transactions, that we have used a third party to assist us in the process. I was a bit skeptical but Doug at Auto Buyers Pro was courteous, efficient and thorough in his guidance. We got a hard to find car in less than a day at a price that we never would have been able to negotiate.

It was literally the easiest and best car buying experience we have ever had!!

Ed Stenby, Idaho Springs, CO

When our Nissan Xterra broke down we started to look for a used Subaru Crosstrek. After visiting several dealers, we knew we were not going to get a competitive deal since we lack used car knowledge and haggling skills. Someone at work recommended AutoBuyers Pro and we decided to call Doug. He explained the process and what we get for the initial fee. Then we explained the 'dream car' we wanted and he went to work.

We have always tried to get low mileage cars for a good price, however because of this we have always ended up with cars that were not always the perfect color or interior. After several days Doug called us and said, "If I can get you a brand new 'dream Subaru Crosstrek' that is cheaper than a used one, would you want it?" Off course we agreed, but we were skeptical about his claims.

Within thirty minutes, he emailed a deal that gave us a black and brand new Crosstrek for several thousand dollars less than the used orange Crosstrek with over a 1000 miles we looked at earlier.

Doug did all the checks on the vehicle and all we did was sign the loan at the Subaru dealer; we drove out the dealership within thirty minutes without the painful process of haggling.

I would absolutely recommend AutoBuyers Pro to anyone. It not only saves you money and finds you a great car, but it also saves you valuable time and stress.

Keri and Mye lung Choy, Highlands Ranch, CO

I want to thank Doug Ehrlich for helping me with the purchase of my new Murano. My wife and I have now purchased five cars using Auto Buyer's Pro. Every transaction has been a success and we have never had a bad experience with the cars we bought.

The service is a worthwhile expense for the pricing and convenience you provide to us. We'll be back in a couple of years when my wife gets ready for her next purchase.

Roger Sturm, Lakewood, CO

We put all of the burden for finding a used car onto Auto Buyer's Pro and everything worked out very well.

When I think about the deal we almost struck before hiring Doug, we thank the Lord that we did not buy that car, and hired Auto Buyer's Pro instead.

Doug proved that he is the professional. He found a 10 year old Lexus for us that now, that when our friends and family first see it, they think that it must be a brand new car.

I love my Lexus and appreciate Auto Buyer's Pro for finding it for me. So, I am glad to tell friends, family and anyone who reads this, just how well this company served us.

Jane Johnson, Golden, CO

Hey Doug, just wanted to say a few words about my experience with the new used car.

The overall appearance is quite immaculate and it's exactly what I expected when I looked at the photos. It's amazing to find such a low mileage vehicle that drives so well for the price it was purchased.

Can't recommend your service enough. Bottom line: Doug gets the job done.

Thank you!,

Kelvin DuVal Longmont, CO

Just want to let everyone interested in this service that that I'm loving my new Infiniti Q60S! And, Doug Ehrlich was very helpful, made the car buying experience very pleasant and I appreciate this service!!!

Kathi Cramer, Denver, CO

Recently I purchased a truck through Auto Buyer's Pro. I was referred to them by friends of ours. Doug was very helpful. He asked me what I was looking for. The year, make, model, approximate miles, how much I wanted to spend, the color, and a lot of other pertinent questions. He told me his fee for locating the truck. He also told me approximately how much for delivery. He soon found me the truck I was looking for and was willing to buy. He helped me get all the paperwork done and the money wired. He was very helpful getting all the paperwork done properly. He then, for a small fee, helped arrange to get the truck shipped from Wisconsin to Denver Colorado or to wherever I wanted to pay to get it shipped to. I live in Steamboat. He was accommodating enough to let me pick it up at his house in Denver! That is real service. I am very satisfied with his service . He was very professional and friendly. I will definitely refer his services to others.

Roy Cranor, Steamboat Springs, CO

The only thing more daunting in purchasing a new car than trying to convince my wife we needed a truck and not an SUV, was navigating the unending pages of classifieds, auto websites and dealerships. Well, I didn't get my truck but I did find help in getting the right reliable vehicle at a fair price.

Doug Ehrlich and Auto Buyer's Pro not only helped me secure the right vehicle, Doug with his years of experience, gave me confidence in the quality of that vehicle even though I was purchasing it out of state. His methods, which include hiring a third party mechanic to do an inspection, and his professionalism guided me through the challenging process of not only figuring out what I truly wanted, but getting all that we needed at a fair price. I have now purchased two vehicles with Doug Ehrlich, and while it is still very early to tell with the second, I can say without a doubt the first is perhaps the best vehicle I have ever owned. Doug has a process to help you spot the lemons and buy a gem. Thanks Doug for your help and getting me a car that didn't breakdown 25 miles outside of Texline, TX.

Eric Alexander, Author and guide to the first blind man to summit Everest - 29,035', Avon, CO

Not only was the purchase price outstanding but the service and convenience was great as well. Bypassing the negotiations at the dealership was a pleasure. It was clear to me that the dealer representative that you work with considers you a valued customer and I reaped the rewards form that. This is the 5th vehicle I have purchased though Auto Buyers Pro and once again I am a very happy customer.

Ray Coniglio, Westminster, CO

My experience with Auto Buyer's Pro was great! They made buying a good used car almost effortless. Doug was always courteous and professional and represented my interests with car dealers extremely well. I would heartily recommend Auto Buyer's Pro to anyone interested in purchasing a used car!

Ben Shaw, Davis, CA

Doug Ehrlich was instrumental in helping me to find the car I was looking for.

He handled everything from start to finish with attention to detail, dedication, and communication.

I did not have to worry about negotiating a fair price, having the vehicle inspected, or setting up transportation. He did it all. He is a true buyer's representative and advocate all along the way.

Christopher Ford, Boulder, CO

There's no doubt that you made the car buying process for my parents much easier for my parents, and relieved me of the pain of the process. And we all agree that the price you secured was a better than what we could have gotten on their own. Thank you!

Richard Wilson for parents Bob and Helen Wilson, Colorado Springs

My wife and I were very pleased with Doug's ability to locate a vehicle quickly and also with how easy he made the overall process. We would recommend that anyone that is about to try and buy a car on their own, stop and call Doug. He will save you time and money and get you what you are looking for.

Scott and Jenny Arthur, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

We are very pleased with the process and the results. Barb is thrilled with her Infiniti Q5 and she remarked how easy the process seemed to her.

She is very glad she waited to get exactly what she wanted.

Lee Davis, Denver, CO

Doug removed all of the stress of trying to get my son a new car in Denver while we live on the East Coast.

He took care of absolutely everything from finding a car, having it inspected by an independent mechanic and passing of papers. He is knowledgeable about every aspect of the process and was in contact with us every step of the way.

I am truly grateful for his help and wouldn't think twice about using his services again.

Abbe J. Litvak, Waltham, MA

We just wanted to thank you for all you did for us. What a great experience. We love our truck!

Mike and Jackie McClimans, Lakewood, CO

I contacted Doug after seeing his site online. I was very interested as I needed a dependable second vehicle and have never trusted used car dealers and Craig's List posters.

I must say that Doug lived up to the testimonials left on his website. He located a car in three days and included me in every step of the transaction by utilizing conference calling and numerous communications by both email and phone.

The vehicle he located is very clean, has low mileage and considered by most auto experts as one of the most dependable makes manufactured.

I am very pleased with the purchase transacted by Doug and Auto Buyers Pro. Highly recommended.

Nick Barbushack, Aurora, CO

This is the fourth car I've purchased through Auto Buyers Pro, and I've yet to encounter any major problem.

In addition to saving time and money, I value the fact that there have been no last-minute snags or surprise costs thrown in by the dealer.

Richard Meunier, Arvada, CO

This is the easiest and smartest way for me to buy a car. Last time, Doug found me a nine-year old Honda Accord with 23,000 miles on it. That car had been owned by an older woman whose daughter asked her not to buy a new car. She obviously didn't drive much. It was in Fresno, CA. This time, he found my wife an eight-year old Toyota Sienna van with 51,000 miles. It was in Houston, TX. Doug thoroughly scrutinized the vehicles from afar, and they both arrived exactly as promised. Not only does he know how to find good deals, he also takes care of EVERYTHING (e.g., paperwork, shipping, expert advise...). Doug offers to look locally or nationally. I suggest nationally (and have the car shipped). That lets him find the best deals. I can't imagine getting another car without his help.

David Agron, Covina, CA

Just wanted to write you a quick note on the recent car purchase you made for me. I was not prepared to move as quickly as we did, but now I am very satisfied with my vehicle and how seamless you made this process. I can honestly say I feel I got a very good deal on my used 2009 Subaru Impreza. I felt like I was on a tight timeline to get a car once the insurance company totaled my old vehicle. You did a very nice job on getting me a good value on a car in a quick time frame. I was concerned your fee would be a hindrance to getting a good bottom line price but i am confident that using your expertise , I did get a very good value on my used car. Thanks and I will be calling you again in a few years to get another used vehicle.

Todd Gilbert, Lakewood, CO

The car is great and the purchase went very smooth.

Thank you so much.

Taylor DuVal, Lakewood, CO

I have just completed my third purchase of a car through Doug Ehrlich, and I am very satisfied with the results. He has always been good about returning calls and doing the things he agreed to do. I have gotten the car that I wanted at a reasonable price with minimal brain damage.

I was able to shop with the fleet managers of different makes of cars without the pressure of dealing with salesmen who had to make a sale to get paid. When I made my selection, I called Doug, and he dealt with the mechanics of the purchase process.

I received a good discount for my purchase, and very good value for my trade in. Actually, the trade-in price covered both of his fees with some left over to apply to the car purchase, which was also discounted.

I would gladly do business again with him again.


Linda Hicks, Denver

My wife and I thanked you over the phone, but I wanted to also email and thank you for your help. My son LOVES the car (and it was really nice of you to pick him up and deal with delivery).

Although there were a lot of steps involved, you really did whatever needed to be done to get the transaction completed.

Since I am not an experience used car buyer, I felt much better about the whole transaction with your help and guidance.

Happy to serve as a reference.

Richard Ansbacher, Washington, DC

I'd like to express my thanks to you for a very pleasant and hassle-free buying experience. I took delivery of my 2013 Honda CRV today and everything went as smooth as can be. It was a pleasure doing business with the folks at Kuni Honda.

Using you as a buyer-agent relieved all the stress and hassles than can be so inherent when buying a car. I would not hesitate to use your services again in the future, and I will gladly send along my recommendations to my friends and family

Mike Gradel, Centennial, CO

When I started my new car search it was November -keeping in mind I had not done this for 10 years. I researched what vehicle I wanted and then went to a dealership in December. It was an excruciating experience. I learned from a friend about Doug and Auto Buyers Pro in March. I decided it was worth the minimal fee to have someone else take on all the hassles there are with buying a new vehicle. Doug was very adamant that I get the vehicle that I wanted. We spent several weeks until the right one came along. I never worried that I would get the best vehicle - with every one they presented to me they ran a report on the vehicle which traced everything about that vehicle by the VIN number. Then, when I settled on one, he had a third party inspection performed. Once the inspection was performed he asked the inspector if he would recommend his mother buy this car - he said yes. Doug navigated all the dealings with the dealership - THANK GOD. He negotiated the transport of the vehicle. It got here and it was IMMACULATE - it looked and smelled brand new although it was a 2011 GMC Terrain. I could not stop going to my garage and admiring it. Thanks to Doug and Auto Buyers Pro I got the best vehicle within my price range for the least amount of hassle.

Val Wilson, Littleton, CO

Over the last ten years my family purchased a half dozen cars - Volvo, Subaru, Toyota, Lexus - through Auto Buyers Inc. Doug Ehrlich is consistently able to obtain better pricing for us than we would be able to negotiate on our own. His good relationship with a network of dealerships is to his clients' advantage.

Our latest purchase, in March, 2013, was handled in a matter of days despite the complication of a trade-in. Doug arranged for everything to be done through the dealership, and it took no time at all. I am thrilled with the car - the exact one that I wanted!.

Catherine Obarski, Englewood, CO

Our experience with AutoBuyerspro, Doug E. service showed me a new way of eliminating the hassles and headaches of searching for a vehicle. Doug worked diligently looking for the vehicle we needed.

I gave Doug specific criteria for the vehicle that we were looking for. We had a budget, and we needed a good (or very good) vehicle for our needs. Once explained, Doug took the helm and found that vehicle.

Some of the comments from friends on our purchased vehicle included; "I can't believe the price he got you", "This vehicle is in excellent condition, where did he find it." We are very pleased with the professional service Doug provided from beginning to end in helping finalize the deal. But it didn't stop at the closing, when I told Doug I needed to get a topper for my new truck, he had connections and got me another deal.

To say the least, We would use Doug's services in the future.

Russ Shamah, Lakewood, CO

Doug, I sure appreciate you and how easy you make looking for a vehicle, Thanks! If my oldest son gets into the oil patch soon, he will probably want to look for something…not sure what, but I would bet he would want to use your services.

Matt Harrison, Denver, CO

This was my first car buying experience without the help of my dad. I was scared and didn't know how the process would go, so I decided to hire Doug as my Agent. I couldn't be happier with my decision! He made the process very easy, helped negotiate the price of the new car and of my trade in, and it was so fast! I had my new car within a week! I will definitely use Doug again in the future. Thank you for everything, Doug!

Lani Payne, Denver, Colorado 80202

The only reasonable way to purchase a car is to call Doug at Auto Buyer's Pro. Three times Doug has saved me time, money and eliminated the hassle of dealing with a car dealer. His service can't be beat. It's as painless as it gets.

Thanks again,

Bob Brady, Greeley, CO

Doug - Thanks for all your help.

We purchased the vehicle yesterday. Positive experience for everyone involved.

David Ziegert, Lafayette, CO

Thanks again. Having Doug work as my auto buyer's broker exceeded my expectations. He responded immediately to my request for initial information. After a brief conversation where I understood his business model and how he puts his customer first I quickly made a decision that I would be securing Doug for his services. We handled all the transactions by phone and email. Distance was never an issue. I knew exactly what I wanted and Doug only found vehicles that met my exact specifications. He kept me in the loop every step of the way and even had me on the phone during some of the interactions with the auto dealers. This wasn't an absolute necessity but it did go a long way in helping build upon the trust he had already established. Doug always made sure that my satisfaction was top priority for him. I would highly recommend him and plan to use him in the future.

V. Terry, Illinois

I was recommended to Auto Buyer's Pro by a friend who had used Doug's services and highly recommended him.

One of my least favorite things is working with car dealers and never being sure if I was getting the best deal for my money. I had done a lot of research on the internet and was interested in a Hyundai Sonata. After talking with Doug I was convinced he was just what I was looking for. I was impressed his professionalism throughout the entire process and was very satisfied with the price he negotiated.

I would not hesitate to recommend Doug and Auto Buyer's Pro to any of friends, family, and business associates.

Alan Crome, Centennial CO


Andy and I would like to thank you so much for all your help in finding and helping us acquire our "new to us" vehicle. You really stuck to the parameters of what we were looking for and we are thrilled with our choice. On our own, we never would have been able to find this vehicle in such excellent condition. and particularly, with the low mileage that this car has. You even smoothed the process of getting the vehicle shipped here to Colorado from Pennsylvania. With your help a particularly stressful event such as purchasing a car was a piece of cake!!!

Thanks again,

Karolyn and Andy Ruedi

Doug is a real joy to work with. He walks you through each step. From the time you choose your vehicle until the plates are on it. Well worth the money. He makes buying a vehicle a pleasant experience.

Sue Rose, Elizabeth, CO

This is the second time I've used Doug and once again I am delighted with the car he found for me. Not only could I not have found this car for the price he did, but his connections and knowledge of the industry made the process quick and ensured very personalized service from the dealership. I recommend him any time someone says they are looking to buy a car, new or used.

Dan Obarski, Denver, CO


I want to thank you for finding us the perfect car for my son. When I sat down with him and said what the perfect car would be it was a 2008 black Honda Civic coupe with low miles at the right price. You found that car.

This has been the fourth vehicle we have purchased through you. I was particularly impressed by how you navigated a challenges in re: to the dealer. Thank you again we are extremely satisfied with the car and your expert service.

Ray Coniglio, Westminister, CO

This is the first time we used the service of a broker to buy a car. When talking with Dough Ehrlich with Auto Buyer's Pro, we were looking for someone who could look for the best car deal within our preferences and our budget. We wanted someone who could negotiate with a car dealer and sort out the true value of a car. We never worked with Doug before, and before we even committed to hire him, he spent the time necessary to explain how the process works to buy a car using his services. He never pressured us to move quickly and was always forthcoming with information. Yes you have to pay his fees upfront but we feel it was worthwhile: we bought a car out of state and Doug was on top of every details from having the car inspected to the delivery in front of our door. You can tell that Doug has years of experience and can lead you through that process knowing what to look for and how to make the right decisions. Doug was always available to talk about the status of our car search. It made our car buying experience almost enjoyable, because of him! We will definitely talk to Doug for our next car purchase!

Thank you.

David Baud, Lakewood, CO

This makes the fourth vehicle I've bought through Doug Ehrlich at Auto Buyer's Pro. There is no hassle, he represents me, he gets the best prices, and you can't beat the convenience. Tell him what car you want, he finds it, you go get it and drive it home. How simple is that?

Jere Joiner, Divide, Colo.

I've used Doug's service twice and both times he's been right on top of things. I heartily recommend Auto Buyers Pro.

Rich Tyler, Salida, Colorado

I want to tell you how much I appreciate the value of your brokerage service. Considering first the time I saved by coordinating shopping and test drives through you. And then limited contact with dealer sales personnel, and no effort spent in the negotiation game on my part. Just in and out of the dealerships – no nonsense. The deal you were able to facilitate for me was far, far better than what I would have been able to accomplish on my own. Cost benefit analysis for your services then; infinite return.

This overall experience reaffirms my 2001 and 2002 dealings with you. Always professional. I will continue to be a repeat client of yours. Expect to hear from me again soon – my kids are coming of age!

I'd welcome phone calls or emails from anyone wanting to know more about my experiences with your brokerage.

Have a healthy and prosperous year.

Thank you,

Josh Vangrove, GRI, Divide, CO

Thanks once again for your professional services. As in the previous times you've helped us procure a car your assistance was invaluable. I didn't have the time or expertise to spend looking for quality used cars so you allowed me to better use my time. Finding a used car was certainly more of a challenge and your patience and perseverance made for a very satisfying outcome.

We will need another car within the next year or so when my daughter starts driving so we'll definitely be back to tap your expertise again.


Norm Jennings, Northglenn, CO

I want to thank you again for helping me find my 'new' used car. I felt the service you provided was very helpful in that you found the exact car I was looking for less than a week after beginning. The best part is that you found a car with such little mileage on it and in such great condition - I felt very confident that I was making a good purchase because of all your years of knowledge and the resources you utilize. The entire transaction went so smoothly and alleviated a ton of stress for me - and I felt your charge was completely reasonable. I have already recommended your name to a few people for the future. This absolutely was the best car-buying experience I've gone through.


Graeme Tucker, Denver, CO

I actually started out with another car broker before Doug and boy was that a mistake. A friend recommended me to Doug so I gave him a try. I was in the market for an Audi A5 and he found the perfect vehicle at an outstanding price. Everything is done by phone and he was always in contact with me. What Doug did for me is well worth the fee hands down and he's very trustworthy. My next car will be through Auto Buyer's Pro without a doubt.

Laurie and Paul Nowak, Denver, CO

I was first recommended to Auto Buyer's Pro by a business partner that had previously used this service and highly recommended it.

I was interested in leasing a Jeep Grand Cherokee and had visited a few of the local dealerships and received several quotes from them. I didn't like what I was hearing from them, so I contacted Auto Buyer's Pro. I was immediately impressed by Doug's thoroughness and professionalism and how well he kept me informed throughout the entire vehicle purchase process. I opted to order the vehicle from the factory. It arrived well before the estimated delivery time and exactly as I had ordered it.

I ended up with an upgraded Jeep Cherokee model with lower monthly payments than what the local dealerships had originally quoted me on a lesser model.

I would highly recommend Auto Buyer's Pro in the future to friends, family, and business associates.

Thanks again Doug for all your help.

Narciso Almanzar, The VideoConference Store, Littleton, CO

This has been my second experience with Doug @ Auto Buyer's Pro and it was just as good as the first time.

Doug is very responsive and the transaction went smoothly thanks to his persistence. Even factoring in the fee and shipping costs I feel as if I couldn't have done better - certainly not on my own.

Dispel any doubts and use Doug!

Rich Tyler, Salida, CO

The purchase of a third vehicle, the first being in 1998, through Mr. Ehrlich was seamless, timely and we received the exact vehicle we needed at a significant cost saving. The total cost to us, including Auto Buyer's Pro fee, sales tax, registration and insurance, was significantly less than the factory MSRP. We live 1.5 hours west of Denver near the Continental Divide, thus, car shopping in the metro area is a chore we choose to avoid. Mr. Ehrlich makes the task of vehicle purchase an one stop experience at an auto dealer. And most important is the issue of "trust"; Mr. Ehrlich is truly an agent for the buyer rather than just a go-between for the seller.

Ken Eye, Pinecliffe, CO

If someone were to ask me if the services Auto Buyer's Pro performed justified the feel charge, I would tell them it was absolutely worth it! In fact, it was the best money I have ever spent for a car. Doug is honest and straight forward in his dealings and made sure that we got exactly what we were looking for. He helped me make highly informed decisions and didn't pressure me one bit. He knows the ins and outs of the auto buying business and guides you through the entire process with ease.

Jay Young MA, PHR


Both Brian and I are so very grateful for your help on this car. We are convinced that your help saved us several thousand dollars and we have been bragging about you to anyone who would listen!

You were very patient with us, as we are not experienced at all in buying a car, and we are so grateful. All your excellent listening to our detailed desires for the kind of car we wanted, and all of your recommendations, especially as to whether Toyotas are good or not, or other cars that we might consider, were so helpful.

We appreciate so much that you were able to make time to do the research and give us some possible cars to think about, even at a time when your family issues were keeping you very busy. You were very easy to talk to and so helpful.

Brian has been very happy with this Nissan Altima, and especially with the way it handles in the snow. This was the main concern we had, and the fact that the whole transaction was complete before the snow storms hit our neighborhood was a huge help to us.

I would never hesitate to recommend your services to anyone. You have saved us a bundle, both with our Subaru in 2004 and now with this new car. There is no way we could ever have accomplished this kind of deal on our own. Blessings on you!

Karen Goldfain, Arvada, CO

I contacted Doug so I could avoid dealing with the car dealers. First, I don't know what are true or fair values for cars, especially used cars and I do not begrudge a fair living for the car dealers. At the very least, I figured Doug would get me an excellent car, within my budget.

He operates over the entire U.S., negotiates the price, vehicle checkout and delivery. He performed as I thought he would. I now have an outstanding vehicle, within budget (including sales tax and delivery).

Great job, Doug!!!

Sam Morikawa, Arvada, CO

Doug Ehrlich has made my buying my new car the easiest experience I have ever had in buying a car. I actually had one experience while test driving one car and receiving high pressure from a salesman that did not listen at all that only convinced me that Doug is worth every penny, not only in terms of how many thousands of dollars he saved me, but in his focused listening to what my priorities were, and what I wanted.

I got the perfect car for my needs, and thousands of dollars less than the sticker price with no hassle, and no need to do any bargaining with anyone, nor do the endless hours of searching and leg work I would have had to do otherwise.

I will use Doug for my husband's next car when we are ready to start this process again.

Eleanor Alden, Tucson, AZ

Regarding my experience with Auto Buyer's Pro, if anyone asked me "Was it worth it?" I'd tell them Yes, if you're going to buy a used car. Doug is very efficient and relieves the hassle of trying the best deal (he does it for you!) Money spent hiring Doug, was money saved in finding great car under blue book.

If asked if my expectations were met, I'd say that Doug exceeded expectations. Doug will find the car you want in less than two weeks – but doesn't put pressure to buy if you aren't ready.

We found through Doug through a referral and that's the way he's built his business. I will definitely use Doug again if I'm in the car market.

Jeremy Chiu, San Francisco, CA


I love driving my new Forester! It handles great and is ideal in many ways. It's like a brand new car and you saved me so much on it. A sincere thank you for your highly professional work in finding me this wonderful vehicle. I can't believe you found such an ideal car so quickly. Everyone was very courteous and Bill even picked up the car from the shop that did the inspection so we could get it yesterday. He also put in $20.00 of gas.

Because of your expertise, this was a painless and enjoyable adventure for me.

Thank You,

Lois H., Lakewood, CO

I have worked with Doug Ehrlich for almost 20 years. In that time we have done 10 cars, everything from minivans to our most recent, a custom Mustang GT Premium 5.0, 2011. I estimate a savings of approximately $30,000, not to mention the hours and aggravation of dealing with the auto sales process.

Doug Hemler, Lakewood, CO

I found the experience of purchasing a vehicle through Auto Buyers Pro to be a great experience! Doug was great to work with, the process was incredibly easy and I have a great car that I love.

D. Washington, Denver, CO

This is my third time using Doug Ehrlich's help buying a new car. Auto Buyer's Pro helps me make sure I don't ever have to experience "buyer's remorse". I was referred to Doug by a friend and continue to suggest his service to anyone interested in help with the auto buying experience.

Eugene P., Arvada, CO

Doug helped us buy the exact car we were looking for at the best price possible. Juggling a busy life with two small children made shopping for a new car really daunting. Doug did all the work and all we had to do was go pick up the car. Thanks for all of your help!

Gavin and Kelly Zawalski, San Jose, CA

My wife and I recently worked with Doug Ehrlich at Auto Buyers Pro to purchase her Hyundai Santa Fe. Doug quickly located the right car, negotiated the right price and coordinated everything else. The communication was easy and his follow up was excellent. We are very satisfied with our experience, and would highly recommend Doug's services to anyone looking for a pleasant and effective method of purchasing a new or used car.

Tom Fox , Wheat Ridge, CO

I wanted a new car but I didn't want the hassle of finding the perfect one (searching for it; negotiating the price; getting it looked at by a mechanic; arranging for transportation, etc.). Doug made it incredibly easy and gave me complete confidence that I had secured the best car at the best price. I highly recommend his comprehensive service for finding the perfect vehicle at a great price.

Alex Besser, Boulder, CO

It is worth the money spent to save time and dollars in research, shopping and the hassle of negotiating for a vehicle - especially once a person settles on what they want. Doug can help in the selection process by answering a multitude of questions on comparing vehicles and researching options based on solid data. I've purchased 5 vehicles with his help and I've always been satisfied with his attention to detail and his service.

John Carson, Franktown, CO

Doing business with Doug Ehrlich took the hassles out of buying a car. My recommendation is to let Doug do the "dirty" work (let him find the car, negotiate the price, and even get you a better price on your trade-in). All I had to do was decide which vehicle met my needs best and show up with a check, and then drive home in my new car.

Matt D., Northglenn, CO

I have bought my last 5 vehicles through auto buyers pro, starting in 1991. Car buying has never been easier. Each time I have gotten exactly the vehicle I wanted, including color and accessories. The best thing is that I did not have to spend my time "hassling" with the dealers. The fee involved is reasonable and well worth it. When it comes to buy again, I will use auto buyers pro.

Dr. Dale Anderson, Colorado Springs.

I am very satisfied with your efforts and would be happy to share the endorsement I wrote and also say to potential customers that you answered all my questions. I am happy to have you use me as a reference.

And I can certainly say I believe my money was well spent. I would definitely use you again and recommend you to any of my friends looking for a car.

Conrad M., Aurora, CO

Doug was referred to me by my niece and nephew, Ryan and Melissa Durfee. Melissa told me about how Doug had been wonderful in finding their two cars. I found this to be true. I told Doug what kind of car that I wanted and boundaries on miles, price and color. He found one car for me and I told him no. He found another car from me and then explained what areas of the country he was looking for a car with my boundaries. I said yes to that car and he began working on getting the car for me.

I got to talk to the dealer through every step of the process and then the mechanic as he inspected the car and had to make a repair. Then Doug help us with transporting the car to Co. Even after the car arrived, he sent us the paperwork to help plate my car.

Thanks Doug!

Mary Struthers, Longmont, CO


I just wanted to write a short note to thank you for your wonderful service.

I had never used a broker to buy a car before, but from now on that is the only way to I will buy.

I was surprised at how quickly you were able to locate a truck for me. Not only that, with the great savings you provided to me, I was able to purchase a truck that was llooaaddeedd (very loaded), for a lower price than one that was not nearly as well equipped through the retail channels.

After finding the truck, I was able to finalize the deal over the phone and when I went to pick up my new truck, all the paperwork was ready to be signed. Literally it only took a few minutes.

I am not the type that likes idea of going to a dealership to buy a car. Every time I have purchased a new car, it has taken my whole day and I always leave there knowing that I did not get my best deal.

Not this time!

I am very pleased with my purchase.

You have a customer for life!


Brent Beeman

I have worked with Doug three times now and in all occasions, felt completely taken care of and well represented.

He basically negotiates auto purchases for either new or used cars, as specified, in such a way where he flat out tells the fleet managers that if they are going to get the business, they have to come in competitive enough to justify Doug's fee and then some, otherwise the nod will go to a competitor. They get one chance to put in their best offer and there will be no back and forth.

For me, it gave me the peace of mind of knowing I received a fair price on both my new purchase as well as my trade in and all the logistics were handled with minimum downtime. I even went so far as to give a half dozen cars that I found on the internet up front, thinking that this would make it easy for Doug but he ended up giving me far superior choices, all in my local community, which made it so much easier than if I had done one of my out of state deals.

I recommend Doug to all my friends and Bank On Yourself clients. I just love my new Volkswagen Touareg Turbo Diesel.

Jeff Hochwalt, CLU, ChFC

Doug took all the worry out of a worrisome ordeal. We told him what we wanted and how much we could afford and Doug took it from there - from finding the van, to arranging a third party inspection, to checking out the best place in the area to have some additional work done on it. He dealt with me in one state, the corporate office in another state and the dealer in a third state. Doug did all the work and kept us informed and involved every step of the way. I highly recommend Doug Ehrlich with Auto Buyer's Pro to anyone who is looking for the best vehicle at the best price with the least hassle. He's awesome.

Cheri Emerson, Lamars Donuts, Omaha, NE 402-420-0203

Hey Doug,

Well, as usual, you did it again! You found the exact car that I asked for, got a great price, and you even found a good company to work with. But my favorite part is how you got the best price for my "trade-in" car. Doesn't get any better than that. How many years have we been doing this - I think we found you in 1992 - that's a long time. And the great service continues.....



Over the past 20 years, I've used Auto Buyer Pro to buy several cars, most recently in September, 2010. I know very little about the auto industry, about how dealers operate, or about the players in Colorado, so it makes sense to have someone on my side who does know those things. Auto Buyer Pro has always saved me money, and, almost as important, saved me enormous amounts of time and aggravation. Why would you want to buy a car any other way?

Richard, Golden, CO

Hi Doug,

I wanted to thank you for working through the entire process to obtain such a nice car for Mom. Dianna needs a big thank you as well. She sent me the email that she sent to you yesterday. I whole heartedly agree with everything she said!

There are just a few details that need to be finished up, and Dianna is willing to help Mom out with those thankfully.

We wish you the very best.


Jayne L., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thank you for walking us through the steps. I appreciate all your help. My senior citizen friend, who now finally has a car is happy with the new car. I seems like a really nice car and the engine looks like new. I actually drove it to do everything since she couldn't find her driver's license at the time. She seems happy and said that "Doug knows what he's doing", so hats off to you.

Thanks again.

Dianna L., Lakewood, CO

Doug, When we began this journey in searching for our car I never thought it be as much fun as it was. Working with you has been a pleasurable professional experience. I was amazed at how quickly you honed in on the car and made the purchase as smooth as one could imagine.

Thanks for a job well done.

Mike C, Louisville, CO

When my insurance company gave me a thousand more for my wrecked car (hit a bull elk) than I paid for it 2 years earlier with Doug Ehrlich's help there was no question in my mind that I would use him again to find a replacement car. His thoroughness and professionalism were great and I would recommend him without qualification.

Bill King

I contacted Doug after having a bad experience with trying to purchase a car for my college bound daughter from a private seller. I told Doug the car makes I was interested in and my price range. My top priority was safety features on the car. Within a few days Doug found a car that matched all of my criteria's. The car was shipped from Georgia and arrived in less than a week. The total time to purchase a car and have it delivered was less than 10 days. Not only did the cost of the car, shipping and broker fee stay within my price range, Doug found me a 2004 Toyota Solara with only 37,000 miles in great condition!I would highly recommend contacting Doug if you are considering purchasing a used vehicle.

Kathy Smaldone, Lakewood, CO

I had always wanted to find a Volvo XC70 but dislike car shopping with a passion. Knowing that Doug had been in the business for many years finding cars for people made it worth the fee to have him find a Volvo for me. It turned out that the first one he found was the right match. I appreciated his guidance throughout the process, checking on the car's history and finding a Volvo expert to check out the car for added confirmation. It was a valuable service. Thanks Doug!

Pam G, Lakewood, CO

t was a pleasure doing business with Auto Buyer's Pro. Doug Ehrlich was very professional in all my dealings with him. He always returned my calls promptly and was knowledgeable and courteous.

Rob M., Denver, Colorado

Thanks for all the hard work, conference calls, and everything else you did. I love my new car and it feels really good just knowing that I didn't get taken. I'll never go through a dealership directly again! Susan K., Denver Colorado

I have purchased five cars through Doug and every transaction has been excellent. In addition I have sent him a large number of customers, including the auto loan manager at my Credit Union. She sees deals all day long and thought my deal with Doug was superb.

Jerry B., Denver, Colorado

I wanted to purchase a vehicle, but wanted to avoid dealing with a salesmen. I had heard from co-workers that going through a broker was an option. I wanted to purchase a vehicle within a reasonable price range with little involvement with the dealership.

Auto Buyer's Pro met every expectation.

I met with Doug and he found an exceptional deal for me within a week.

The experience was everything I hoped for and I cannot recommend the company highly enough. This is the only way to buy a car. Doug Ehrlich was wonderful.

Melinda H., Westminster, Colorado